Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man. - read this on here today and i haven’t stopped thinking about this quote since (via pluiedem)

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Lilly Lake by Scott Barlow
And although these scars will never wash away with the tide, I will still sit by the ocean anticipating their goodbyes. - Where I Left You - Stories From My Grave Part III
I can’t promise you a perfect relationship, but what I can promise you is this- if you are willing to try, I’m staying. -

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mirror mirror on the wall who’s the palest one of all

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"We used to be so close." He whispered.
“We used to be so in love.”

How earth shattering to realize that all of the mediocre subtleties that he once loved in me were now nothing more than flaws he could not look past.

- Where I Left You - Stories From My Roof Part IV
Do old scars ever stop hurting? - Stephen King, The Shining  (via ac-ru)

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Ice Covered Street Lamp on Mt Washington